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Are Elvish*, Klingon, Dothraki and Na’vi real languages?

John McWhorter and TED-Ed explain. Via Critical Dragon1177 and Lauren Davis at io9.

*Pedantic note: It’s not “Elvish”. There are two separate languages spoken by Tolkien’s elves: Quenya and Sindarin, and one script: Tengwar. And yes, at one point I may have taught myself to read one or both.

Featured image is a knight vs. snail from the British Library.
Featured image is a knight vs. snail from the British Library.


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  1. Seelix,

    I’m glad you like that video on constructed languages I sent you. I was worried you wouldn’t see it, because you’re contact form didn’t work, and I had to send to through the main skepchick website. Oddly enough through it skips the first twelve seconds of the video and unfortunately doesn’t start at the beginning like it should unless you manually rewind it.

  2. The video on conlang was cool. Thanks for sending it criticaldragon!

    (Aside to Seelix: I too may have tried to teach myself Sindarin when I was a teenager.)

  3. Ooo, I need to dig up my pics from the Newberry Library. There are NAMES for the more common types of marginalia; for instance, a pointing hand is a “manicula.”

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