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Poetry Makes Nothing Happen: Thoughts on Ai Weiwei

Via miserlyoldman who describes the video:
“John Green’s vlogbrothers video about Ai Weiwei’s exhibit in the
Indianapolis Museum of Art, and he discusses why good art matters and
has always mattered.”

from the page
In which John visits the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where his wife is a curator, and thinks about the work of the artist and dissident Ai Weiwei while walking through “According to What,” his first major retrospective in the United States.


This is a wonderful stop-motion video by Ben Barrett-Forrest.
The History of Typography – Animated Short
Found at Jerry Lieveld.

from the page

A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography.
291 Paper Letters.
2,454 Photographs.
140 hours of work.
Created by Ben Barrett-Forrest
© Forrest Media – 2013

Information Sources:
Thinking in Type by Ellen Lupton
Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Game of Thrones – Friends Style Opening – SPOILERS!

{found via @@edyong209}

This isn’t a spoiler if you are current with the series.


Featured image is a vintage magic poster collected by Rene Walter of Nerdcore.



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