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Mad Quickies 11.14

Omigodz a haunted toaster click now!


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“What kind of voice did the devil have?”
“A very low voice. Sounded like Eli Wallach.”


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Originally run on the “Today” show, in May, 1984, this is my favorite thing ever shown on television. Enjoy. I send a shout-out to Richard Dominick, the interviewer (and producer from Jerry Springer) who made this astounding moment in TV history possible, and to Boyd Matson, the reporter who produced and narrated the segment.


Open Letter to the President: Physics Education

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Gersberms (Yer Gervin Mah)

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Featured image is by Jason Tozer.




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  1. My wife and I are building (getting built, to be more accurate) a house that will be Australian 8 star energy rated. The scale is 1 to 10 with 10 being a home that requires no energy input for heating or cooling. It’ll be the first in the shire and we’ve been told by the owners of 7 star homes in the area that they maintain 18-25c temperatures in winter without any supplemental heating.

    It’s tiny, which is part of the reason we managed to afford an 8 star building. But it’s not as tiny as any of those. I wonder what their size cut off is?

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