Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: 10 Years of Cassini, Edible Chocolate Skulls, Abandoned Malls and more!

Hey gang. Here’s your Wednesday Quickies. I stayed up all night baking them from scratch. Oh the things I do for you.

We’ve had new science and amazing images from the Cassini probe, which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in orbit around Saturn. (bonus video below)

These skulls look delicious and I want to eat one (all) of them very badly. Would it be morbid of me to want to fill them with Jello first?

Oh nothing much, just some abandoned malls throughout the world. And call me crazy, but the Randall Park Mall in Ohio looks a hell of a lot like the mall in The Last of Us: Left Behind (see below)

I can’t begin to describe how badly I want this interactive thunderstorm, designed by Richard Clarkson, in my apartment. I have no room for it, but who needs a bed anyway?

Let me try to understand this: a 3-D printed fabric that’s made of yarn but can stop a knife? Okay then.

Furniture maker Greg Klassen has designed these absolutely stunning tables that resemble topography with rivers and lakes running through them. If I ever get one, I’ll put it right under my interactive thunderstorm.

Here’s what happens when some comic book shop owners get together to make special covers, in secret, for your favorite titles. This is the story behind Ghost Variant.

This video of the Huygens lander’s descent onto Saturn’s moon, Titan, has a really serious case of the cutes.

Randall Park Mall, Ohio
Abandoned Mall in Ohio

Ellie and the abandoned mall in The Last of Us: Left Behind

Featured Image from BlackChocolateCo

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