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This is an insane amount of editing…

Star Wars Call Me Maybe

{via Justin K.}


Original song by Carly Rae Jepsen
The Audio is from Aaron Fenty
The Video is from the 6 Star Wars movies
Call Me Maybe belongs to Carly Rae Jepsen, 604 Records
Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilm


From Chronicle Books:
The Where, the Why, and the How

Buy the book here.


Featured art is by Peter McFarlane. Image from This Is Colossal.



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  1. I’m not sure if it ups or downs my geek cred that I actually feel a bigger thrill about being Mad-Quickied than BoingBoinged…

  2. MW- Oh yes- I do love that amazing bit of editing wizardry, but I felt it wasn’t something I would feature here. But thanks for sharing it.

    Steve- There needs to be a whole set!

    Polly- Awwww… you made my day! And I’m so glad that you’re here to make that remark. I watched that video while holding my breath most of the time.

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