Brochure/Poster/Hat – The Challengening

A while ago, I did that whole brochure/poster/hat thing. I tweeted about it recently, suggesting that maybe ScienceOnline might print some up. @marynmck replied, challenging me to make one in the form of a printer’s hat.

…as a former newspaper journo, i challenge you to do a printer’s hat 🙂 like this: #scio13

Challenge accepted!

A printer’s hat, it turns out, is pretty much a box-shaped hat. I folded one up and marked the exposed areas…

…then made up a template. The gray areas represent the hat graphics; the blue areas are the brochure. You end up with a cover, inner flap and a trifold spread for the brochure. The sides of the hat are split into three triangles each but the front, back and top are contiguous rectangles.

(click on image for high-res image)

Here’s the template folded like a brochure.

And here it is folder like a printer’s hat.

Like the previous design, the entire other side of the sheet can be used as a poster. The design should be printed on a 17″x22″ sheet. I used 8.5″x11″ for this but it should scale up OK. (Those sizes translate roughly to A2 and A4 metric paper sizes.)

Just for fun, I did a rough mockup of a design for a hypothetical science event.

I did say it was a rough mockup. 🙂

Update: I made a full-scale one by taping 4 sheets together. Classy.

And here’s a quick video of the transformations:

Steve DeGroof

Steve consists of approximately 60% water and 40% organic molecules, arranged in a configuration that is, among over things, capable of describing itself in this manner.

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  1. Are you going to Science Online 2013? Karyn seemed quite interested in doing something like this. She could probably use some design help. 🙂

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