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Twitter drawings for all


Hey so I’ve been absent for a little while, my bad.

I started a new job in November and have been busy adjusting to my new schedule, and adjust to the fact that I have a job that I LOVE AND WHAT IS THIS FEELING?


Anyways, the downside to working full time is that I had less time to devote to art. But since it’s the holidays, and I have time off, I decided to do some sketches, with the people I follow on twitter as inspiration. I’m only uploading three drawings in this post, but this will be a weekly series that I’m going to commit to!

Basically, I’m drawing people from twitter as characters from TV/Movies/Video Games. (Odds are, it’s going to be 98% video games).

It’s Adventure Time with @SurlyAmy


Saving the Capital Wasteland as the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3, @pegspirate


Grudgingly solving all of Thedas’s problems as a Grey Warden, @futilityfiles


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