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No introduction, I’m just going to let the poem speak for me, other than saying that it’s a little out of season.

"If I offer 11 months of love..."


If I offer 11 months of love,
51 weeks of pecks on the cheek,
364 days of ways to show you
your love is safe and secure
within the hallowed halls of my heart.
If I offer 8,736 hours proclaiming
the power and depth of this commitment,
524,160 minutes devoted to the minutiae,
like making sure your
favorite flavor of tea is continuously
stocked in the shelves of my home,
or dinner in the midst of preparation
and a warm bath drawn when you arrive,
because I could hear
the weariness in your voice
when I asked if you were coming by.
If I give you 31,449,600 seconds
when you are second to none,
If I can do all this,
then can we pretend that Valentines day doesn’t exist,
and allow me to continue to love you
like I promised you I would
on the day you tied
your life line with mine.

Victor R. Harris Jr. © 2001

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