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The Most Interesting Monster in the World


You guys!

I am so excited about this fun little project!

My main squeeze, Mr Surly Johnny Skaare helped me edit and produce a mockumercial for Death by Puppets based around one of skepticism’s most beloved creatures and pop culture’s favorite beers. It was SO fun to do!

Scott Sigler did the announcer voice over. My mother, Charlene Roth and my pal, Charles Pillsbury helped make puppets. Our very own Treelobster-Steve wrote the script. I did the filming, some puppeteering and all the artsy set design. Johnny is the voice of Chupacabra.

Now, let the good times roll!

I present to you, The Most Interesting Monster in the World:

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  1. Anne, if the film festival needs a funny break you guys are welcome to have it. Chupacabra may not be a traditional atheist but he only believes in himself. 🙂

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