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Cat Wine Tasting: It Happened to Us

This post was a collaboration between Julia Burke and Jamie Bernstein Have you ever sipped wine while stroking your cat and thought to yourself, “I wish my cat could share this wine with me?” No? File this one under “potential signs of the Apocalypse” or “stuff white people like,” but …

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Mad Art Cast Pairing Wine with Scientists

Welcome to a another fabulous episode of Mad Art Cast! This week we welcome back special guest and wine expert, Julia Burke! Last time Julia joined us she taught us a lot about wine while picking out the perfect varietals that would pair well with some famous artists. SO much …

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Mad Art Cast: Wine and Art Pairings with Julia Burke

We all know that that wine making is considered an art. We also know that pairing wine with food is a popular activity but have you ever thought about creating a mash-up of the two and pairing wine with artists? Well, we thought that would be the greatest idea ever …

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The (Literal) Magic of Biodynamic Wine – Mad Art Cast

On this week’s episode of the podcast, between wine-pouring sound effects and bouts of giggles, we talk to wine expert Julia Burke about biodynamic wine, which uses a lot of weird rules and magical thinking to make what is actually a pretty tasty beverage. Show notes: Julia and Ashley are …


Tasting Notes

This is a joint post by Skepchick writer Julia Burke and Mad Art Lab contributor Ashley Hamer. When Anne Sauer alerted us to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Lettie Teague asking whether music can influence the actual taste of wine, the prospect of enjoying our two …


A toast to sparkling wine!

New Year’s Eve is upon us, which means it’s time to break open the bubbly! Want to drop a little knowledge along with your toasts? Here’s a rundown on this most festive of beverages (including a video that changed my life forever): 1. Champagne is sparkling wine from a specific …

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Mad Quickies 2.18

Judith Ann Braun paints using fingertips and charcoal. Castles made from icicles. Images of nebulae, animated to show their 3D structure. Web-controlled puppet. A micrograph of layers of paint from a theater wall. Autodesk’s 123D Creature. SLR camera lens pendant lamp. Astronaut duvet and pillow case. Keyboard wine stoppers. Elements …