closeup of two "I voted" stickers in NYC; they are stuck to the thumbs of two people over the sidewalk
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Art Inquisition: Could You Be Our Next Winner?

  The NYC Campaign Finance Board, of all places, may have me rethinking my general rule against design contests. For the most part, I’m opposed to working for free (like most of us are). Spec work “for exposure” or “to see if I like it” isn’t an arrangement that would ever fly at the …


Nasty Women Vote

Our right to vote was hard-won and we vote hard. Seelix Me This #NastyWomanJustVoted — Raychelle Burks (@DrRubidium) October 24, 2016 Jamie Amy Courtney Celia Brian Chris (“Don’t worry,  I didn’t take the stickers to the polls.”) Beth I voted, Ms. Jackson. #ElectionDay — Beth Voigt 🍂 (@twenty3eighty4) November …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #73 — The Death of Jack Chick and Chicks Who Vote!

Yes! It’s another fabulous episode of Mad Art Cast where we discuss the passing of Jack Chick and his famous Chick Tracts as well as some fabulous women who have waited 96 years to vote. Its a quick episode so join us for a coffee break some quiet contemplation and hopefully …

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Sara Silverman and the Myth of Voter Fraud

This video is NSFW and a few days old but it is definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen it. It shows how comedians can educate, inspire and debunk while being hilarious. Enjoy! Click below to watch the video!