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Stem Cells, Stressed Cells, Healing, and the Lure of Rejuvenation

A recent study in Nature, entitled “Stimulus-triggered fate conversion of somatic cells into pluripotency“, suggests that subjecting cells to dangerous but non-lethal conditions (such as a bath in acid, or a mechanical squeeze) can turn them into stem cells. Unsurprisingly, this publication set off a bit of a media blitz, …

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Stem Cells, Telomeres, and other Biological Fountains of Youth

If you believe certain musical groups, everybody wants to live forever (while ruling the world?). Our fascination with immortality is such that it’s a hallmark of mythology. In our daily lives, we obsess over staying young and healthy (or at least many advertisers and marketeers think we do, or at …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 2.6

From blown-glass microbes to sonic sculptures, the scientifically-inspired art of Luke Jerram is extraordinary. {via @chebutykin} Behold the minutiae of Katsumi Hayakawa’s paper works. Dr. Wheeler called his atomic art Electron Printing, circa 1954. {via Maggie} Out-of-this-world Tumblr find: Col. Chris Hadfield’s, of course. Here’s your dose of freak-out today: …

A snapshot of one of the pieces at BodyArt
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Body Art Science Mingle

Last week the California Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with Gladstone Institutes, hosted a “five-day biosciences festival” called Brilliant!Science. CalAcademy is terrific at outreach and education, and Gladstone is home to a lot of cutting-edge research, so of course our ears were perked. Friday evening featured an event called “Body …