The making of Obi Wan Tenobi

Have you ever had a clever idea that has spun terribly out of control? That happened to me this year.It started with a tiny seed, and a bit of opportunity. I have wanted to make a replica sonic screwdriver for some time. I’ve also wanted to make a lightsaber for …


I Tried It: Origami Star Wars X-Wing

When is the best time to try your hand at an overly-complicated, yet nerdy, origami fold? Close to midnight on a Sunday, of course! There it was in my Facebook feed last night: a friend had shared a link with a big ol’ enticing image of a paper X-Wing. In …

replica of the belt worn by Rey in Force awakens
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WIP Weekend: Star Wars Build Beginnings

I have a couple of star wars costumes that I’m working on parts of. A friend needs a Rey costume and I’m making the belt. I’m also making my first lightsaber. The belt I’m making from scratch. It’s 6oz vegetable tanned leather. This is one of the easier pieces to …

the empire mad art cast
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Mad Art Cast and The Orbital Mechanics of Starkiller Base

Welcome to the latest episode of Mad Art Cast! We have a special guest! Joining us this week is Mindy Townsend who is a lawyer who has now decided to get a physics degree! Her interest? Space! That not enough to convince you that she is fabulous? Well in her …

the millenium falcon
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Star Wars Trickery, Fake Viral Photos, Art Crimes and More!

It’s that time again. Your Wednesday Quickies are here to get you thru the middle of your week. Forthwith: I admit, I was fooled by some of these – 76 viral images from 2015 that were fake. Pew Research has determined that just about as many women play video games …

star wars still image
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Star Wars, Submerged Monasteries, Street Art and More!

Happy mid-week, gang! The temperature is dropping, the smell of Autumn is in the air, so I baked up these Wednesday Quickies just for you. Dig in! Autumn means Halloween. And Halloween means scary costumes (to some of you). Look no further than Mario Chiodo’s frickin’ terrifying masks to get …

r2d2 and bb8 droids from star wars
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Art Crimes, BB-8 Teardown, Drawing Timelapse and More!

Look, we’ve made it this far, right? Halfway through the week. Let me give you a boost with these mid-week Quickies. Oh oh! This timelapse video of a beautiful, surreal, graphite drawing by illustrator Karla Ortiz helped push me through the afternoon at work today. This week in Art Crimes! …

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Mad Art Cast Goes to the Movies

Welcome to episode 15 of Mad Art Cast! This weeks podcast is a fun get-to-know-your-casters edition on movies! That’s right, this episode we talk about the movies we love and why we love them. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into who we are and maybe give you a few …