Higher Mathematics Meets High Culture

Marcus du Sautoy is a mathematician known for bringing an appreciation of mathematics to the masses. He’s done many television programs, popular mathematics books, theater productions and musical performances. He has an exhilarating new series of radio essays about artists who he represents as secret mathematicians. This superb series is …

Paper dolls available in the Skepchick party room at CONvergence. Photo by @christina39ap.

A Sandbox of Scientist Paper Dolls

Did you miss SkepchickCON? Wish you could have been there with us? We wish you could have been there too! So we’ve brought a little piece of SkepchickCON back home to you: our Geek Art workshop, full of scientist paper dolls. The whole set is here, and we’re already plotting …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 5.29

Pin-Up Queens: Three Female Artists Who Shaped the American Dream Girl. Excellent story, superb images. nsfw {via Anne S.} Tasting Words; DNA Art; Neuroscience on the Small Screen. Art and science topics of note at the NYT. {via Surly Amy} This 3-D printed Robohand helps children born without fingers. XKCD’s …

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Calendar Curiosities – Happy Birthday Salvador Dalí

Okay here’s the thing – I could write endlessly about Salvador Dalí; his life, his art, his genius, madness and goofiness, how he and the other Surrealists were heavily influenced by early psychology, how he incorporated atomic theory into his art, how he has influenced me since I was 15-years-old …