The Importance of Buying Stuff

So let’s talk commerce as resistance. Nordstrom, famous rocks and clothes store, has dropped the brand of Ivanka Trump, and come under fire from President Trump for it. To the point where Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway gave Ivanka a free commercial from the White House briefing room, and Press Secretary …

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Truth is Powerful and It Prevails. ~ Sojourner Truth

“Truth is Powerful and It Prevails.” ~ Sojourner Truth Born into slavery and mother to 13 children (all but one sold to slavery) Sojourner Truth was an African American abolishionist and one of the first black women’s rights activists. She is best known for her speach, “Ain’t I Woman” in …


Art I’ve Made Since November 8th Ranked in Order of Subtlety

How’s everyone feeling today? Good? Ready for the “greatness” to begin? No? So I’ve made some artwork in reaction to current events, as you do. Look, I really like my apolitical landscape paintings and my monster drawings but politics have taken up a huge part of my brain that I …


Resist For the Environment

This drawing is about resisting laws that may be passed by the incoming government in America that will negatively impact the environment. An anti-science Republican organization is set to dismantle or disrupt the Environmentmental Protection Agency and potentially our national parks, so that government and big business can force consumers …