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Etched decanter auction + The Amazing Skepchick Cure-All

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our SkepchickCON panels at CONvergence, as well as everyone who stopped by the Skepchick Sideshow party room. I’m excited to announce that the beautiful glass decanters containing the cures for Dyspepsia, Palpitations, and Jaundice—the Amazing Skepchick Cure-All!–are all up for auction …

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Overly-Honest Product Stickers

I was reading the “Sunday Secrets” on Post Secret recently and saw one that said: “my family thinks I only buy organic produce… but sometimes I just put ‘organic’ stickers on the packages”. I really liked that idea. Strictly speaking, they weren’t wrong in doing that – all food is …

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The Art of the Sclerology Fraud

There is this weird homeopathic/naturopathic “vitamin” store in my neighborhood.  The store is ran by Dr. Frank E. Wyatt.  Here are his credentials.  Yesterday I was walking by and I noticed that their charts are kind of beautiful and colorful.  I did a little search and found some other favorites. …


If It Quacks Like a Quack…

…then you should call it a Quack. Okay, idioms aren’t my strong point. Yesterday, in the interest of creating a guide I could reference in future comics, I put together one I felt would cover many of the “Red Flags” one could look for when analyzing a claim, treatment, philosophy, or …