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Mad Quickies: Elements Anthology, #ROMInk, Riri Controversy, Wandering Star, Vertical Farming and More!

Guyz GUYZ- We have a LOT to break down here. So many cool things have surfaced the last few days. Let’s begin! “Mad Max: Fury Road” is finally going to be released as a black-and-white edition. I’ll bet this is shiny chrome gorgeous! Via Courtney “Sia doesn’t want to be …

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Freakshow and Tell Posters

A year or so ago, MAL’s Beth introduced our local skeptics group to Thom Britton and his show, Freakshow and Tell. That night during his show, he asked me to stand on his head while he was lying on a pile of broken glass. Not the absolute weirdest way I’ve …

Chris Hadfield paper doll cut out and standing up with 4 others still on paper
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Happy New Year from Mad Art Lab!

How are you spending the first day of 2014? I’m making things.   See more of our paper dolls here.

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Lab Track: Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison

Have you heard of Epic Rap Battles of History? It’s a slickly produced, hilariously inspired series wherein commenters suggest famous historical (or fictional) figures they’d like to see engage in a rap battle, and the creators make those suggestions a reality. There’s Ghandi vs. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rasputin vs. …

Paper dolls available in the Skepchick party room at CONvergence. Photo by @christina39ap.

A Sandbox of Scientist Paper Dolls

Did you miss SkepchickCON? Wish you could have been there with us? We wish you could have been there too! So we’ve brought a little piece of SkepchickCON back home to you: our Geek Art workshop, full of scientist paper dolls. The whole set is here, and we’re already plotting …

Lab Tracks

Lab Track: Tesla

In my constant search for science- and skepticism-themed music for our weekly lab tracks, I try my best not to repeat songs from the same artist. I suppose it’s because once I’ve introduced people to an artist who’s prone to writing sciency songs, I figure the ones who really like …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 5.30

Extraordinary photos from wildlife photographer Bence Máté. Mechanical matchmaking at PaleoFuture. Paper pop-ups by Jenny Chen. So lovely! Anatomical Diagram Of The Incredible Hulk’s Skull. Everything will be illuminated. Leo Villareal covers the west span of the Bay Bridge in lights. Jewelry…for SCIENCE! The Tesla hair clip is especially awesome. …