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Bare Paint: Conductive Paint

Bare Paint is the result of collaboration between artists and engineers at the Royal College of Art in London. While the idea of conductive paint is not new, this product is the first meant for home users and is non-toxic and easy to use. With it, you can turn pretty …

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MaKey MaKey Cat Photo Booth

As you probably know, water is conductive (hopefully you didn’t learn that the hard way). What this means, among other things, is that you can actually use water as a MaKey MaKey trigger. Leave a connected alligator clip in a vessel of water, ground yourself and stick your finger in …

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MaKey MaKey DDR Pads

I’m back to share with you the very first contraption I rigged up with my MaKey MaKey kit: dance pads for playing Flash Flash Revolution more like the game it imitates. (If you missed my first post that explains the concept of the MaKey MaKey, you should check it out …

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Making Keys with MaKey MaKey!

Ever wanted to play a banana piano? It’s possible with MaKey MaKey! Back in June, I helped* Kickstart the production of a kit that allows you to turn anything that’s a little bit conductive into a button, control, or key. The MaKey MaKey is a panel that you connect to …