Puppet Project we want to see

In this installment of “cool stuff I want to see made” there is a puppet crowd-funding project running that I really would love to see hit its goal. Vermin is aiming to be a more family friendly comedic web series by the people who brought us Transylvania-TV. Gordon Smuder was …


The W³ Cube: 95% Tungsten 100% BS

Something hit my radar recently thanks to my good friend Jim that was too absurd to let pass silently into internet history without a certain degree of incredulity being poured upon it. Kickstarter is no stranger to absurdist campaigns. For the most part, these campaigns at least know that they …

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“Sufficiently Funded” or “How I Waited Too Long to Write This”

Here’s the thing folks: Mad Art Lab contributor, Maki, has had a Hell of a Year. In addition to almost being beard-napped by angry space gnomes (long story), he was a contestant and FINALIST on Penny Arcade’s reality web-series Stripsearch!, where he battled 11 other contestants (to the death? Wait …

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AI: Give your money to whomever you like on Kickstarter

My fellow contributor Seelix shared an article with us this morning called “Stop Giving Your Money to Rich People on Kickstarter” in which the author criticizes a) people who contribute to Kickstarter campaigns like those for the recent Veronica Mars movie and now Zach Braff’s new film, b) people like Zach …


Amanda Palmer and the Privilege of Success

In February, Amanda Palmer did a TED talk. Have you seen it yet? Check it out at the bottom of this post. For the tl;dr version, Amanda Palmer (she of Dresden Dolls and $1.2 million Kickstarter and asking musicians to play for “hugs and beer” fame) begins by explaining the …


Help the Green Ninja fight climate change!

The Green Ninja Show is series of videos that use live-action, animation, humor, and a greenhouse gas-butt-kicking superhero to demonstrate easy ways for people to impact climate change. They’re running a Kickstarter to produce more episodes, and with only 3 days left they still need a little help to reach …