Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Fukushima Photos, Bacteria Book Cover, Screenplay Dataviz, Cactus Trap and More!

Happy Monday, geeksters! Here- have a warm cup of delicious Quickies and slowly ease into your day. Yummmmmmm! We’ve featured Rafael Araujo’s gorgeous work before but I’m happy to report that thanks to a wildly successful kickstarter, his Golden Ratio Coloring Book looks like it will become a reality. This …


Adventures in Chimpland: The Primatology Revolution of Jane Goodall. (Women in Science 26)

Of all the figures I’ve done on Women In Science this year, none have evoked such instant and unequivocal expressions of admiration and downright love as Jane Goodall. “You’re doing Goodall next? She’s my absolute hero!” “I want her to adopt me.” “Goodall is the one who inspired me to …

Chris Hadfield paper doll cut out and standing up with 4 others still on paper
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Happy New Year from Mad Art Lab!

How are you spending the first day of 2014? I’m making things.   See more of our paper dolls here.

Paper dolls available in the Skepchick party room at CONvergence. Photo by @christina39ap.

A Sandbox of Scientist Paper Dolls

Did you miss SkepchickCON? Wish you could have been there with us? We wish you could have been there too! So we’ve brought a little piece of SkepchickCON back home to you: our Geek Art workshop, full of scientist paper dolls. The whole set is here, and we’re already plotting …


Happy Birthday, Jane Goodall!

 Here at the Lab we adore Jane Goodall. To us she represents everything that's right with humanity. Her tireless efforts to educate the public and impassion youth about the natural world has her traveling an average of 300 days a year to all corners of the globe. Her name has …


Valley of the Paper Dolls

We have been going paper doll crazy here at M.A.L. and these are my contributions. This has been a super fun project and I hope you get as much enjoyment from these as we have. If you’re going to be at Dragon Con come by, say hello and pick some …