googly eyes

Mad Quickies 2.11

Mad Quickies 2.11

Lego-compatible coffee mug.     Giant, glow-in-the-dark googly eyes.     Deer antler lamp.     Tenth Doctor pinafore.     Hot coffee USB charger.     Ziggy Stardust action figure.     Aerogel Valentine.     Stretchy skull sculpture (via Donna).  &nbs... »

Tessellated Escher cookies

Mad Quickies 1.14

Escher cookies! Kerntype – a kerning game. Single line portraits. Googly eye fridge magnets. Identifying Anachronisms in ‘Lincoln’ & ‘Mad Men’ How many seagulls do you need to carry a giant peach? Minimalist phone case. Control a flying robot with your mind. Scrabble fridge magnets. Star Wars taxidermy. GM labeling, for informed consumers. (featured image via Inst... »