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What Scientists Eat: Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Scientists are smart. So smart that sometimes they tell you something and you think to yourself, “No freakin’ way.” Which is exactly what I thought to myself when astronomer, Dr Nicole Gugliucci said that mixing together strawberries and avocados with peppers and onions would be a good idea. But HOOOOO …

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Friday Food Lab: Artichokes are Flowers

Over here at the lab we love us some good eating. And we have decided that Fridays are a great day to celebrate the art of cooking. In related news, fellow Skepchick and Mad Art Lab contributor, Courtney Caldwell has joined me in starting up a new food blog. The …

Insect Sushi by Arthur Picerna Entomoloco on Flickr.

Mad Quickies 5.3

Insect Snacks and Sustainable Cocktails. I am a food nerd, a design nerd and a sustainability nerd. So this tickles all of my fancies. Some Pinterest Entomophagy boards (I wish Pinterest had been around when I was running a bug-eating event!): Bug Girl’s Entomophagy board; FDLSeeker’s Entomophagy board; Entomovore’s Edible …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 3.18

An Indiegogo campaign to restore Lowell Observatory’s Clark Telescope. Who invented zero? Feynmann’s double slit experiment actually works. 7 Raspberry Pi tutorials. Sponsored superheros. Henrietta Lacks’ “HeLa” cell line sequenced. DIY Lucky Charms marshmallows. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to give a flying robot talons. Pulsars, Joy …


Coconuts: Paradise Lost

Hey, have you heard about coconuts? They’re delicious! Now they’re nutritious, too, right? Today I will share my journey from a tropical coconut-laden paradise to the thick undergrowth of a dangerous jungle filled with misinformation. I was aware of the fact that coconut was the new fad du jour; a …

Chocolate chipotle cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles

Kitchen Lab, Valentine’s Day edition: Get spicy (and boozy)!

I’ll be honest, I’m not so into Valentine’s Day. I’m more into the half-price candy on February 15th, but I understand that a lot of folks like to fancy things up for the holiday. So to get in the spirit of things, I thought I’d try cooking with booze! I …

king cake frosted with purple, yellow and green

Kitchen Lab: On Tuesday, I will be Fat

Rule #1 of Mardi Gras houseguests: bring toilet paper. Rule #2 of Mardi Gras houseguests: do not bring extra houseguests. I lived in New Orleans for a couple of years, and if anyone can put the Fat in your Tuesday, they can. The party basically starts after Epiphany, which is …

closeup of pre-baked seven-layer bars

Kitchen Lab: I play with my food

I am not a cook, or a chef, and honestly belong nowhere near a kitchen. My mother thankfully taught me nothing of her cooking skills, as we named our black cat Brownie after her smoke-detector-as-dinner-bell methodology. But since we do so love experimentation and trying new things here at the …