Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Peeps Dioramas, Kraken Playground, EVE Online and Citizen Science, The Story of Place, Extrapolation Short and More!

My calendar tells me that this is Good Friday. Y’know what’s good about today? Simply the fact that it IS Friday. Bravo to all of you for making it through another work week. I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend/holiday respite no matter what or how you celebrate. And now… …

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Mad Quickies 1.25

It’s the Wednesday Quickies! Clickety click! British explorer Robert Falcon Scott was the founder of The South Polar Times. Here’s the story: Penguins, Hockey and Serious Stuff Too: Scott’s Polar Chronicles. Folio Society encourages you to own a piece of Polar history. This will blow the beret off your bean. …