Dakota Pipeline

I’m trying to keep a visual journal of things happening in America as we slip deeper into a racist and fascist takeover and I think few things speak as loudly as what has happened at the Dakota Access Pipeline site in North Dakota. Obama attempted to protect the native land …

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Silence Supports the Oppressor

This is a friendly reminder that if you see unjust things happening in the world, standing by silently may seem like a rational and pacifist option but that is not the case. Many people are either uninformed, in fear or unable to speak up to leaders or those in power. …

Silhouette of Byzantine-style domes in Venice
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SoD Cross-Post: Infamy, Hagiography, and Resistance

The following was originally posted on School of Doubt. Read the whole thing there or catch the beginning below. Last week I went with a friend to see Hayao Miyazaki’s latest–and supposedly final–offering, “The Wind Rises” (review here for those interested). For those of you not familiar, the movie is …