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Odilon Redon’s Dark Musings on Evolution

Imagine you are Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden in a state of blissfully ignorant grace. You reach for the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. As you take a bite your world is rocked by a traumatic paradigm shift. To your horror, the fruit you are eating …


Natural History Science Theater: “Dinosaur”

Put your answer in the comments! Correct answers get my undying approval.


Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emoji

Viral-content website Mashable recently asked Bill Nye if he could explain the basic concepts of evolution using emoji. The idea was that the generation that grew up with Bill Nye explaining science to them (yours truly, for one) didn’t have the luxury of text messaging, cat memes, or videos of …

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The Ghost of Evolution, or Why We Still Have Avocados + Guacamole!

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the avocado’s bizarrely large seed? How on earth this most scrumptious of plants could ever have propagated itself in the wild when swallowing such a seed could mean extreme discomfort when passing it or even death by choking? Unlike many other plants we …

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Caveman genes — what our shared history with Denisovans means

A recent article in Nature determines, fairly conclusively, that a certain variant of a certain gene which allows Tibetans to thrive at high altitudes comes directly from interbreeding with Denisovans — from an extinct cousin of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

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Life is not a ladder. Or, really, a tree.

I’m going to stand on a soapbox for a second and talk about life. In particular, I’m going to talk about evolution. In a lot of common parlance, and a lot of media, we refer to evolution as something like a ladder — think the terrible image I used as …


Puppet Evolution

No, I’m not writing about the evolution of puppets (hmmm, maybe I should), OR about the evolution of my own puppet designs (that post is on the list though). No, the Ham on Nye event just happened to coincide with our latest Death By Puppets video. It also seems a …