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Illustrated Astronomy – Our Universe

Aliens! Gods and Godesses! Enormous Space Stations! Rocket Ships and Shuttles! Old, Dead People From History! Am I talking about the new Michael Bay Summer blockbuster? NO! I’m talking about The National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe! I like to think about how artists are influenced when they are …

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The Perot Museum: An Oasis of Science

With all of the controversy surrounding Texas schools teaching Creationism (including Young Earth Creationism which teaches that the Earth is only 6,000 years old), and Texas Governor Rick Perry stating “In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution,” when he was asked a question by a young boy during his …


Through My Lens: CSICon 2012

I wanted to showcase some of the photos I captured during CSICon 2012, which took place in Nashville from October 25th to 28th. This was the first multi-day skeptical conference experience for Rob and me, and it was remarkable. We finally got to talk to some people that we’ve waited …


Amoeboid: Science Fun for a Digital Age

As smartphones increase in popularity, so have smartphone games. This year, The Entertainment Software Association reported that smartphone games are the fastest growing game market in the industry, quickly overtaking dedicated handheld systems like the PSP or Nintendo DS. This surprised me at first, but then I remembered that just …

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Laurie Anderson on Art, Science and Breaking the Rules

Multimedia artist Laurie Anderson gave an eloquent and entertaining commencement speech for the graduates at the School of Visual Arts at New York City’s radio music hall. Thanks to Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing for bringing it to our attention. Enjoy:


Get a Stanford University Education in AI!

We have discussed robots here before but did you know that this fall YOU can take an online artificial intelligence class, straight from Stanford University from you living room! It’s true!


The Evolution Hole

Homeopaths talk about malaria-shaped holes that only homeopathy can fill. Evangelists talk about God-shaped holes that only religion can fill. Well, recently I tried to repair a hole myself: an evolution-shaped hole. Because, let me tell you, we have one hell of an evolution-shaped hole at my publishers.


AI: Getting Schooled in the Real World

Last weekend was the World Science Festival here in New York, and among the many events was a multi-session program on science communication. Called Science & Story, it involved panels about science in documentary film-making, science improvisation, great science storytellers, and finally, science in print media.