Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Review

If you haven’t played Borderlands 2 I highly recommend it. It’s exactly the opposite of what you might expect from a first-person shooter. It’s funny, colorful, satirical, self-aware and cooperative. The gameplay is varied enough to stay interesting and it is brilliantly voiced. It is, in my mind, one of …

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Len Peralta Doing D&D Commissions

Len Peralta is the kind of brilliant that I can get behind. He is an artist that seems to get his joy from making other people’s ideas come to life. I met him at Dragon*Con last year and did a panel with his disembodied head. You may know him from …


I’m Going Home and Taking My Ball With Me

Ever had someone ruin you favorite game by playing it wrong? Aren’t they complete asshats for doing so? I expect that most of us have had a moment where our supposed playmates just won’t take a game seriously or play by the rules and, if not, we’ve likely seen someone else erupt into table-flipping …