"There was perhaps a first vision attempted in the flower" 1883 (source)
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Odilon Redon’s Dark Musings on Evolution

Imagine you are Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden in a state of blissfully ignorant grace. You reach for the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. As you take a bite your world is rocked by a traumatic paradigm shift. To your horror, the fruit you are eating …

Light Wave Particle
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Street Art Portals, Light Wave/Particle Duality Imaged, HMS Beagle in Lego and More!

It’s been quite a crazy week here at The Lab – Our 4th birthday, the launch of our own podcast with it’s requisite Twitter and Facebook accounts, (Should we make an Ello account too?) oh and more snow. Well, at least where I am in the northeastern United States. But …

Birds and Butterfly, drawing by Francis Darwin
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Art Inquisition: So Good It’s Fridge Worthy… Now What?

This one’s for all you parents. As a child, the budding young botanist Francis Darwin, son of one Mr. Charles Robert Darwin, seems to have tried a bit of drawing. A fine work, The Battle of the Fruit and Vegetable Soldiers, is to be found gracing the reverse of one …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 2.20

From the Annals of Improbable Research: a study shows that the more astronomers you have in a movie, the better that movie will be. The story behind Banksy – master, painter, activist, filmmaker, provocateur. {via Mary B.} Peter Dinklage joins the X-Men. You heard it here. {via Elizabeth H.} Dear …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 2.1

It’s the Friday Quickies! Surf’s up! Mads Madsen makes spectacular colorized images of historical icons. {via Geo} Check out the gorgeous Chemical Atlas by the founder of PopSci. Hiroshi Nakamura designed the stunning Optical Glass House. {video} Kevin Collert’s movie posters on The Avengers illustrate the characters’ duality. {via Elizabeth …

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REvolutionary Theory: Science Stories Part 1

Science is a story. Think about it: It has heroes and villains; noble quests to discover great riches; triumphs and devastating defeats. Each hero surges forward, bolstered by those who came before them. Each victory brings untold riches upon them. Except the quest is for knowledge, and riches are shared with …