Contortion, and One Short Woman’s Quest for Longer Lines

Hello friends! I am back after a rather significant bout of thesisitis, and pleased to report that everything went well, the thesis is out, and I’m back in the world of the living. Unfortunately, along the way I’ve become rather terminally educated, but I knew that was a risk. Mostly, …

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What you get when you mix “Aerialist” with “Gigantic Nerd”

I go by “mad geneticist” on tumblr, but most of the posts I’ve written up here – and there – have been the kind of posts that a run-of-the-mill geneticist would write. For example, they have been about biology. Some more technical than others, but that has definitely been a …

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MaKey MaKey DDR Pads

I’m back to share with you the very first contraption I rigged up with my MaKey MaKey kit: dance pads for playing Flash Flash Revolution more like the game it imitates. (If you missed my first post that explains the concept of the MaKey MaKey, you should check it out …


The Genetics of Dance

So, as someone who spends most of her waking hours either doing genetics or dancing (seriously guys this accounts for both of my jobs and my two biggest hobbies) you could say that this study is relevant to my interests. And when the first sentence in a paper is something …