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Mad Art Cast: Sunken Treasure, Antikythera and special Guest Jim Tigwell

Welcome to another episode of Mad Art Cast with special guest and Mad Art Lab contributor, Jim Tigwell! This is a fascinating episode about sunken treasure, unearthed secrets and specifically the Antikythera, a rare astronomy teaching tool! Really interesting stuff! Listen in below or find us on iTunes! Read this …


The Mysteries of Antikythera

Over a hundred years ago, the wreck of a treasure ship was found off the coast of Antikythera. It was the kind of discovery you hear about in movies, statues and coins laying at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, a wealth of riches and knowledge. A Roman …

Mad Quickies

MAD Quickies 10.26

The evolution of Apple ads 1975-2002 Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing — now at the gorgeous Computer History Museum. An epic infographic collection is comin’ at ya’ soon. It’s Listomania! Today’s procrastination strategy: Cheese or Font {thanks to Fred Bremmer} Brian Hart paints with light. You can find …


AI: Uphill, Both Ways! – The Art & Tech Edition

When I was in art school, about 4000 years ago, there were no computer classes for illustration majors, that I remember. The graphic designers all used Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark for everything. (I remember that one year when all my friends’ external drives failed (was it Seaquest? Syquest?) and how …


Be Your Own Souvenir

What do you get when you hack together three Kinects and a RepRap, and add a bunch of tourists? Magic.

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The World in Friendships

I had an image of the world from space at night on my wall for most of my university career. It is a beautiful image that does a wonderful job of giving perspective on the breadth of human civilization and impact on the world. Here is another image that has …