She was warned. She was given an explanation. She was non-compliant.

She Was Warned

She was warned. She was non-compliant. Nevertheless, she persisted. I made a thing! So, I’d (finally) read Bitch Planet, and loved it even more than everything I’d heard would indicate. Is it weird? Yes. Is it over-the-top? Yes. Is it hopefully going to remain satirical? I HOPE THE FSCK SO. For …


Superhero RPG Design Diary 1

I have been developing a superhero tabletop RPG since early last year and some blog-mates have encouraged me to share the challenges of developing it and talk about the process of game design, in general. In this post I’m going to talk about why I’m doing it, and define what …

lumberjanes cover
Mad Art Cast

Mad Art Cast: Emily Finke Talks Comics

Ahoy! This week the gang talks about the shape of stories AND chats with fellow MAL contributor, Emily Finke, about comics! Look below to find extensive notes from Emily on the titles she mentions during the recording. Also mentioned during the ‘cast: The Bowery Boys podcast on the history on …

A mold for a supergirl crest.
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WIP Weekend: Supergirl

I’m working on a Supergirl costume right now. I’ve never worked with spandex in a serious way before, so I’m learning a lot. I also plan to make the “S” crest on the chest out of cast silicone. I made what I thought would be the mold for it last weekend, …


Captain America’s Boyfriend

Twitter has been trending with #givecaptainamericaaboyfriend, and it’s awesome. With Civil War out, Captain America has been in five Marvel movies, and spent three of them fighting everything from aliens, to robots, to his own government. A man outside his own time, he inspires easy loyalty and forms bonds of …


NHST – Time Turner

How Prisoner of Azkaban should have ended.

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Mad Art Cast with Special Guest Geek a Week Artist, Len Peralta

Welcome to episode #49 of Mad Art Cast! This week we bring you the master of geekery, speed drawing, monsters and the illustrator of the famed Geek A Week project, the brilliant, Mr Len Peralta! Len joins joins the gang to discuss staying fit, staying creative, geek culture, how artists …