Unexpected Influences

I have a list of art and media that I saw or read as a kid that made a lasting impression on me for one reason or another, some which are well known and the influence obvious (Labyrinth! Michael Whelan! Monet!) to the more obscure (Nausicaa of the Valley of …

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The Hidden Life of Trees

I started reading the book, “The Hidden Life of Trees” and it’s so good it’s freaking me out! My mother raised me with a love of gardening and now that I have a yard I have been trying to turn my own thumbs green. There is definitely a lot to …

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Making a book

I’ve always wanted to make a picture book, but I’ve never quite come up with a story that I liked enough to commit to. Last December a drawing out of my sketchbook that I posted on twitter sparked a back and forth between myself and Treelobsters, and he ended up …

Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies 12.31

Gingerbread fossils. Frozen waterfall. Dark Knight bookcase. The spoken word, repeatedly played back and re-recorded in a room. Mashed potato snowmen. A food cart that prints chocolate things. TARDIS ring box and pendant. Jellyfish lamps. A clockwork caterpillar. New Year’s resolution statistics. (via Donna) Featured image via Wing It Vegan.


AI: This Day In Ragnarok

My book pile has become unwieldy. Current unread / half-read titles include, but are not limited to, The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell, Machine of Death – Volume 1, Proofiness by Charles Seife, The Brutality of Fact: Interviews with Francis Bacon and THAT IS ALL by John …