Jose Luis Hernandez Mendoza discussing his theories and work with Frank Lloyd Wright at his suite in the Hotel del Prado, Mexico.

150 Years of Doing It Wright

Were humans significantly longer-lived than we currently are, today we would be celebrating the 150th birthday of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Unfortunately (or perhaps not, this particular human was problematic AF), today’s commemorative celebrations must go on without the man himself. If you’re looking to celebrate the architecture, design, …

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Happy Belated Birthday To Us!

This past Saturday was our 3rd birthday. And you may be wondering, “Why didn’t they do a post celebrating this momentous occasion?” Thing is, we were going to… I mean, we had planned on getting together for drinks and then we were going to brainstorm on putting together a post …


The Not-So Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday, Mad Art Lab!

Here at Mad Art Lab, March 1st is our birthday. Guess what today happens to be? March 1! Happy birthday to us! We’re two years old. Time to celebrate. I was not in attendance for the “birth” of Mad Art Lab, but eventually I was lovingly adopted into this wonderful …


Happy Birthday, Jane Goodall!

 Here at the Lab we adore Jane Goodall. To us she represents everything that's right with humanity. Her tireless efforts to educate the public and impassion youth about the natural world has her traveling an average of 300 days a year to all corners of the globe. Her name has …