Kitchen Lab: Shrinking Angels

Aww, yeah, we’re back, baby! I’ve got a working oven again, so I can once more bumble my way through random recipes on a whim. And because I can’t possibly make things easy for myself, I decided that the inaugural baking for the new oven would NOT be something simple …

A four-inch round cake cut in half with the pieces spread apart to look into the center. It is a dense cake with some pieces of fruit and nuts inside, and white drizzled frosting in a zig-zag pattern across the top.

Making America Cake Again

This year’s election is getting everyone down. Tensions are high, everything seems dire… thankfully the process will be over in just a few days, come what may. We all need a little something to feel better. So how do you feel about… cake?

Two plates full of cookies

The Great Presidential Spouse Cookie Bake-Off

Every four years in the United States is a presidential election year, and more importantly, it’s a presidential candidate spouse cookie bake-off year. You see, every presidential election year since 1992 each spouse of a presidential candidate submits a cookie recipe to Family Circle magazine. Subscribers to the magazine then …


Baking Gluten-Free Bread, Part 2

Last week, I wrote about the science of baking and what it means for gluten-free bread. Today, I’ll share some experiences of actually baking the stuff! This post was generously sponsored by Donnie as part of the SkepchickCON 2013 fundraiser. Thank you, Donnie! I tried two different bread recipes from …


Baking Gluten-Free Bread, Part 1

I think we can all agree that bread (and its many cousins like pizza dough and bagels) is pretty delicious and amazing. Consequently, people who avoid gluten in their diets can miss out on some pretty tasty foods. But this does not have to be so! This post was generously …

two overripe bananas

Kitchen Lab: ‘naner, ‘naner, boo-boo

I keep thinking that bananas are a good idea, when in reality I don’t particularly care for them. I think, “Hey! I’ll eat fruit and be healthy! I’ll buy a bunch of bananas and take them to work every day!” and then a week later I have a bunch of …