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Mad Art Cast: Sunken Treasure, Antikythera and special Guest Jim Tigwell

Welcome to another episode of Mad Art Cast with special guest and Mad Art Lab contributor, Jim Tigwell! This is a fascinating episode about sunken treasure, unearthed secrets and specifically the Antikythera, a rare astronomy teaching tool! Really interesting stuff! Listen in below or find us on iTunes! Read this …

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KV 265’s Cosmic Convergence of Science and Culture

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a dazzling night of music and astronomy films by Jose Francisco Salgado in collaboration with the Chicago Sinfonietta. I had seen clips of his memeworthy films from time to time on social media. It is impossible for Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy and other …

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WIP Weekend-pi Moonglow

This is a continuous beadweaving spiral of three printed pages of the digits of pi. I changed the color-coded number palette three times. The moon is proportionally larger than it would be in the night sky with 22-degree halo. I wanted to express a good moon-like texture so it had …

Mad Art Castpodcast

Mad Art Cast: Art and Astronomy with Special Guest Maki Naro!

    Links for this episode:  Neil deGrasse Tyson did an r/Art AMA and talked about Sci-Fi and robots. Shout out to listener Alexandra C.! “NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society will offer filmmakers around the world a chance to share their works inspired by and using actual NASA imagery …

Black Hole image made on a scanner bed by Navid Baraty
Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Scanner Bed Astronomy, Imaginary Street Maps, Dancing Paper Cranes and More!

I have some Mad Art Cast business to attend to (I have to watch a movie… for research), so I’m gonna cut the the chase: HERE ARE YOUR WEDNESDAY QUICKIES. You tried to do this at your office holiday party, but artist Navid Baraty has taken scanning full moons to …

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Lab Track: Stellar Alchemist

Today’s Lab Track, suggested by Jamie Bernstein, features the sound of a star remixed into an electronica track and combined with some clever lyrics about nucleosynthesis. Cool, no? Cracked thought so. They named this particular track — Stellar Alchemist by Kim Boekbinder, aka The Impossible Girl — #1 on their …


Guest Post: Islamic Art and the Smithsonian Celestial Globe

This is a guest post from Skepchick Network contributor Benny! Benny is best know for his writing on Queereka and we were thrilled when he asked us to post this article on islamic art and it’s link to astronomy. Enjoy! From Benny: Since I am attending a Catholic college we …


Puppets and Astronomers

Due to my shoddy memory, and thinking I had other posts mostly ready to go, I forgot to post the latest Death By Puppets video in October. The good thing to come out of this is that now you get two new videos. October’s release was this fantastic interview with …