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Netflix to Launch Mass Effect Tie-in Series


Netflix has released a trailer for their Mass Effect tie-in series called “Lost in Space.” The trailer reveals the series is going to focus on a human colonist ship that has crash landed on an alien planet after issues with their mass effect drive. Also revealed in the trailer, this will include humanity’s first contact with the Geth!

Mass effect drive failure in Lost in Space Trailer

There is no word yet on whether the Geth in the Lost in Space trailer is the beloved character Legion from Mass Effect 2, or another Geth with a similar construction, but fans are hopeful given the similarities.

While the fan favorite Mako tank does not appear in the trailer, their trucks carry the ME aesthetic faithfully. The splash screen for the trailer on Netflix official site could have been pulled right out of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Finally, there is no official word yet on whether the similarities between the character referred to as Will Robinson in the Lost in Space trailer is in any way related to the little boy that haunts the dreams of Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect 3, or if the striking similarities are entirely coincidental.

I’m very optimistic for this adaptation of the Mass Effect universe into a live action format. It doesn’t look like they’re tying it in too tightly to the established canon, which I think is a good choice. It might be more like its own standalone series, which is probably better for the general audience. I for one, though, will be looking for… and probably imagining every connection I can make.

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  1. Are you fucking stupid or what? I’m a HUGE ME fan. This show has NOTHING to do with the ME universe. “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” should give you a MASSIVE hint as to the origins of this story. That robot is NOT geth. That little boy is NOT the one you see dying on the planet after the Reapers attack earth. The hell is wrong with you?! YOUR FEELINGS AREN’T FACTS. Take this fake crap down. I’ve watched both seasons of this show. Just because you want a show based off of ME, does NOT mean you are entitled or have the right to hijack a completely different show for your fantasies. You are a fake and a liar.

  2. Oh dear, Tabby. I’m sorry if I got you excited about an actual Mass Effect series. This post is satire. It is a comment on the visual similarities between ME and LiS and a genuine wish to see a good ME series. Apologies if it was too misleading.

    I take umbrage, however, with your assertion that I do not have the right to engage with fiction in ways that please and delight me. Imagining new and exciting interpretations of stories is fun and sometimes enlightening.

    If you enjoyed this post. Can I recommend the twitter feed @movie_goofs

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