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Mad Quickies: The #sciart Tweetstorm Returns, The Blackest Black Pigment, Art Crimes and Way More!

Hey gang, it’s time for your mid-week Quickies and there’s some real weirdness in here. So don’t waste any time, let’s go!

The #sciart Tweetstorm is back for its second year! Our pals over at Symbiartic have all the details you need. -Via Donna

Artist Anish Kapoor has gotten the exclusive rights to the world’s darkest pigment,
Vantablack. It was created by scientists, so you know it’s good. But other artists are not thrilled.

We all like GIFs. Make GIFs with this free app! -Via Courtney

Here is the Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring book that you requested. -Via Emily

Whoa, there’s a whole lot of Art Crime this week.

Minnesota-based graphic designer Paul Johnson has created this breathtaking new series of videos called Earthworks in Motion. Just click and see. Stunning.


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Brian George

Brian George

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