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Mad Quickies: The Male Gaze in Art, Flowers in Space, The Animals of Tatooine and More!


Oh, hello there. Donna is currently abroad, searching out a good location for Mad Art Lab Island. So you’re stuck with me today. But fear not! I’ve gathered some truly lovely links for you all. Because I think you’re just the fanciest folks around. Like, really super-fancy.

I’m not gonna lie. After we saw this tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruits at once, we knew we needed to have one for the aforementioned Mad Art Lab Island. – Via criticaldragon1177

Our pal Glendon Mellow had an epic twitter rant about the Male Gaze in relation to art and that now-infamous Science magazine cover. Read this and internalize every bit of it. It’s important. – Via Amy

This is seriously breathtaking: Artist Makoto Azuma takes photographs of flowers in space. No, really.

Some lovely science, quotes and ideas by Picasso, all about dust.

Okay this is really, really interesting. Maggie Koerth-Baker illuminates on the subject of the animal life of Tatooine.

These are incredible. Videos of mechanical singing bird automata.





Featured Image by Makoto Azuma

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