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Mad Quickies: Stormscapes, Stitched Cat-calls, Dale Writes a Book and Way More!

Ahoy! It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. I’ve cobbled together some really great things and stuff for you all today. There is one Halloween-related link. If this were Friday, you can bet they’d all be Halloween links.

Mad Art Lab’s own Dale DeBakcsy has written a book! Godless Nerdistry: Or How to be a Bag of Chemicals and Still Have Fun, about the intersection of humanist culture and creativity, is out on Amazon. It has a number of Mad Art Lab Women in Science pieces in it. It’s an e-book and you should buy it right now.

What happens when Playboy flips the ‘Sexy’ costume around? This. – Via Smashley

I love everything about this – artist Elana Adler has stitched needlework samplers of cat-calls she’s ‘received’. – Via Courtney

Oh wow. A short film about a magician and his apprentice who build a solar system and give us a bit of science. Lovely. – Via Amy

This is my bread and butter – time lapse photo animation of severe weather by Nicolaus Wegner. I could watch this all day long.

Artist Allan Giddy has created an installation where trees are colored the opposite hue of the sky throughout the day. Beautiful and contemplative.

Here’s some pre-Halloween shenanigans – learn how to create creepy, glowy jars of goo!





Here’s a spooky picture I took at a farm market in New Jersey over the weekend. I love Halloween more than you.


spooky ghost light


Featured image by Nicolaus Wegner

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