Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Star Wars Trickery, Fake Viral Photos, Art Crimes and More!

It’s that time again. Your Wednesday Quickies are here to get you thru the middle of your week. Forthwith:

I admit, I was fooled by some of these – 76 viral images from 2015 that were fake.

Pew Research has determined that just about as many women play video games as men. So why do men overwhelmingly identify as ‘Gamers’? -Via Courtney

Weird grids- Why do some rural roads have strange shifts despite the fact that they continue in the same direction? -Via Chris

Through some photographic trickery, Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki makes Star Wars toy ships appear life-sized in our world. -Via A

I’m a sucker for miniatures. So these little dwellings, by Rosa de Jong, that live inside test tubes are right up my alley.

Art Crimes!



Featured image via Vesa Lehtimäki

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Brian George

Brian George

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