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Mad Quickies: Rowan Atkinson In Famous Paintings, Printable Makeup, Inktober and More, More, More!

Well hello there. It’s time for the Wednesday Quickies and I can’t wait to share these links with you. Yes. You, Devin.

It’s that time of year again. It’s time for Inktober! Do a drawing every day and post it with the hashtag #inktober. Here’s what’s on offer at Twitter.

I’m so jealous of artist Nunzio Paci’s artwork. It blends nature with anatomy. Love, love, love.

Photographer Sophie Spinelle has a new photoessay that explores queer pregnancy and medically assisted conception called Modern Conception. It features queer writer Michelle Tea as the model. H/T to Courtney

Here’s a super-cool thing that I didn’t think could be real but is: Mink is a desktop printer that prints makeup. From their website: “It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable color cosmetic, turning any camera, phone or laptop into an endless beauty aisle.” H/T to Lauren

Here’s a beautiful simulation of what the merging of The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies could look like… in 5 billion years.

A new book explores tattoos and the personal stories behind who got them and why.

I’ve saved the best for last. What if Rowan Atkinson had sat as a model for famous historical portraits? WONDER NO MORE. Digital artist Rodney Pike will take us there.




Featured Image by Rodney Pike

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Brian George

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