Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Pokémon Baby Names, Cosplaying at Work, Art Crimes and More!!!

Hey gang! It’s Wednesday and it’s time for your Quickies! This week, with the exception of Art Crimes, all of these links have been brought to you by our pal and link sender extraordinaire CriticalDragon. Thanks for the link love, CD!

Cracked brings us the Lazy Man’s Guide To Writing Strong Female Characters.

Why a shrink ray would also be a death ray.

A woman has gotten around her company’s non-specific dress code by cosplaying at work.

Speaking of… Zootopia cosplay!

It would appear that we are now naming our babies after Pokémon characters. So, yeah.

Come for the ART CRIMES. Stay for the article about the guitarist of The Slits “altering” a punk exhibition that left out women.


Featured image via Viv Albertine and Hyperallergic

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