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Mad Quickies: Pigment Libraries, Millennium Falcon Kites, Art Crimes and More!


Hey kiddos, I’ve had to deal with non-stop presidential primary coverage here in New York, so these Quickies I’ve cooked up are a real respite. Please indulge with me.

Art. Criiiiiiiiiiiimesssssssss.

Futurist architecture recreated in the medium of… chewing gum? Yep. Photographer Sam Kaplan has got us covered.

A popular online video game now assigns random race and gender to players. Guess who’s pissed? (you don’t have to guess though because you already know it’s white guys). – Via Amy

Here’s 100 years of film history as represented by the best shot from each year. -Via Amy

Did you know that Harvard has a pigment library with over 2500 specimens? Did you know that one of them is Mummy (literal mummy)? Now you know.

Retail find! Have you ever wanted to pilot the Millennium Falcon? Well now you can because there’s this kite!

So I haven’t been to the new transit hub at the World Trade Center yet. It’s supposed to be quite beautiful. It’s also the most expensive train station in the world. AND it’s architect was paid an unearthly sum. Not, like, his firm. Him. Personally. (I mean, his firm too, But… you’ll see).



Featured image by Sam Kaplan

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