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Mad Quickies: Open World Cat Video Game, Dancing Iron Filings, Behind The Scenes of Atheism and More!

Hey gang! I’ve got a really got a great bunch of links for you to check out today. Seriously, there is some true beauty and wonderment here.

Over at The Nib, Matt Lubchansky reveals some of the backstage elements of organized atheism, in comic form.

What if maps of cities on Earth were rendered to look like the Death Star? Seattle-based digital artist Eleanor Lutz is here to show us.

This is a Kickstarter for an open world survival game where you play as… a cat. I’m not kidding. It really is.

This is simple, clever and beautiful – Spanish artist Pejac paints miniature silhouettes on interior windows that seem to interact with the world outside.

This prism table is something I would like to have and/or make. Designed by Maurie Novak of Melbourne-based MN Design.

This lovely animation by Celia Bullwinkel looks at a woman’s view of her body as she ages throughout her life – from little girl to elderly woman, while walking down the sidewalk.


Bonus Video!


Found at Maker Faire! Iron filings dance to the beat. More here from boingboing.




Featured image by Maurie Novak of MN Design

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  1. September 24, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Brian George,

    I’ve got to show that feral Cat Simulator to Creationist Cat. He’ll love it!

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