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Mad Quickies: Lip Art, Politics and Pokémon, Art Crimes and More!

Hey. HEY! Everything has been politics and Pokémon this week (and I have a GIF for you that combines both) but there’s so much more going on that I have to share with you. So let’s?

Scientists have recreated Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ using folded DNA, so called DNA origami. Donna asks “…it’s astounding how often Starry Night is the target for the art/science reimaginings.” -Via Donna

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice used multi-color, origami birds to represent this enormous depiction of the lunar cycle on a building in Paris. It’s utterly gorgeous.

Boing-Boing has compiled some of the most poignant images from the Black Lives Matter protests over the last week.

Amplifying the Voices of women photographers in the Middle East.

ART c r i m e s

This GIF of the day has everything that’s essential from this week: Politics and Pokémon.

Sydney-based makeup artist Jazmina Daniel turns her lips into miniature works of art and they are fanTAStic.


Featured image via Mathgoth Gallerie

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