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Mad Quickies: Life-Sized Scrap Metal Hulk, Utopian Optical Illusion, Guys On Tinder Posing With Art and Much More!


Hey art nerds! It’s time for your Wednesday Quickies. This time I’m actually doing laundry *while* I do the write-up. I have to go back to the laundromat in 15, so let’s get moving!

You know those heart-shaped lockets where each person can take half of the heart and be in a long distance relationship but also in love? (that’s what they’re for, right?) Well, what if superheroes and supervillians had their own versions? – Via Ryan

Guys on Tinder posing with art. That’s it. That’s exactly what this is. – Via Lauren

Oh my stars! Ceramic artist Zemer Peled creates phenomenal forms of nature using thousands of ceramic shards. Her portfolio is here.

It doesn’t get much cooler than this: A life-sized sculpture of The Hulk made from scrap metal, nuts and bolts.

This beautiful, utopian optical illusion in San Francisco is the work of muralist Mona Caron.

I shouldn’t have to say anything else: YOU can watch two NASA spacewalks over the next couple of weeks. Just… just do it.





Bonus video! Watch all 13 Saturn IV rocket launches simultaneously



Featured image by Zemer Peled

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