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Mad Quickies: Digital Spirograph, Horrific Sex Toy Mistakes, Crosswalk Pong and Much More!


Only a few more weeks to go until this Year of Garbage is over with. But until then I have put together things that are great and wonderful and beautiful to while away the day.

I will always be using this from now on. A digital spirograph by Nathan Friend. -Via Kim

Here are some rad shirts and things. -Via Courtney

This doesn’t seem quite possible and yet, here we are. A 3D printed dress that flows like fabric.

So yeah, if you happen to be in Germany you can play Pong at a cross walk with the person across the street from you.

From the Oops! files – Horrific Sex Toy Mistakes by Shing Yin Khor. – Also via Courtney

Okay, yeah I want to make one of these. Someone get me a woodshop please. Mike Warren makes wood tables embedded with photoluminescent resin.




Bonus video! Watch a Lego Curiosity get built while hearing inspiring quotes from scientists. -Via Kyle



Featured image made by me! using Nathan Friend’s Inspirograph.

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