Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Dangerous Popsicles, Defacing National Parks, Marble Harvesting and More!

We did it! We made it thru the week to another Friday. Another Friday full of interesting stories, beautiful art and popsicles shaped like deadly pathogens. That’s how we roll.

If you earn a living making art, you’re probably white. – Via Courtney

Our pal Sarah Hamilton‘s “Feminist As Fuck” shirts – A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Well done Sarah! – Via Ashley

This one had us MALers fuming on the backchannel – An artist defaced several national parks and in a fit of obliviousness, posted pictures of them to her Instagram account. The story keeps getting updated so check back to that link. P.S. This is a felony. – Via Ashley

Richard Feynman could draw, too? – Via Donna

These are mesmerizing – looping, abstract illustrations by Drew Tyndell.

I want to make these! Dangerous popsicles – Designer Wei Li made 3D printed cacti and deadly pathogens and then created silicon molds to make popsicles. Deadly-cious. (sorrynotsorry)

I was enthralled watching this video and reading about how marble is harvested in this Italian quarry. The guy coordinating the backhoe operators is like a conductor. Video below.


Featured image via Wei Li





Bonus Video! Dangerous Popsicles.





Another Bonus Video! An excerpt from the film Il Capo. This marble quarry is seriously amazing.

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Brian George

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