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Mad Quickies: Behold The Fearsome Anglerfish, New Auction Record For A Female Artist, Papercraft R2-D2 Dreidel and More!


Okay everyone, it’s time to get your Monday Morning Quickies! I like to think of them as Saturday morning cartoons for adults. Did you know that those don’t even exist anymore? *sigh* Now I’m sad.

A Georgia O’Keeffe painting, Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1, was sold at Sotheby’s for $44.4 million, nearly quadrupling the amount paid for work by a female artist. Quite a feat. However it’s still a staggering $100,000,000 less than the record for a male artist. -Via Courtney

I wonder if I can get a set of this porcelain dishware by Mary O’Malley that’s covered with gorgeous sculptures marine life? How many pieces do you think come in a setting?

Whoa! The first ever footage of Melanocetus (aka “the Black Seadevil”), a species of anglerfish never before filmed alive in its natural, deep-sea habitat. More footage below to delight and frighten the shit out of you.

A new exhibit at Muriel Guépin Gallery in NYC features new work by 5 artists who use light and optical illusions to mess with your head.

Is this the Droidel you were looking for? Papercraft R2-D2 dreidel!

Little girls apply makeup to their mothers. What does this reveal about beauty standards? Photographer Elly Heise wanted to find out.




Behold the freakish whims of evolution!!!


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