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Mad Quickies: Art Crimes, BB-8 Teardown, Drawing Timelapse and More!

Look, we’ve made it this far, right? Halfway through the week. Let me give you a boost with these mid-week Quickies.

Oh oh! This timelapse video of a beautiful, surreal, graphite drawing by illustrator Karla Ortiz helped push me through the afternoon at work today.

This week in Art Crimes!

Remember when some goofus messed up King Tutankhamun’s burial mask during a botched cleaning? It’s gonna cost at least $110,000 to fix.

This photo project is near and dear to my heart, since it’s based in my neighborhood – Photo’s of Brooklyn before and after the “Hipsters” (useless word, but oh well).

Donna had the making-of the new BB-8 droid from Star Wars on Monday. Here’s a full teardown of the toy to see how it works. (I want one).

Here’s an interesting map of art openings in NYC this week (the opening week of the season) that shows the concentration by neighborhood and date.


Drawing by Karla Ortiz


Featured image via Lucasfilm/Disney

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Brian George

Brian George

Brian George is an illustrator who lives and works in the Van Beardswick neighborhood of Brooklyn. His fierce love of cheesecake is often (but not always) thwarted by his intolerance for lactose. He will draw and paint for your amusement (‘amusement’ is archaic Etruscan slang for ‘money’). Visit his portfolio, follow his tweets @brianggeorge or on G+

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